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My name is Mauren Veras. I am an author, illustrator and cartoonist.

I have two books published and I have illustrated some others.

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My Story

I am Elvis and Ramona's mother and much of the inspiration to create comes from my children and their playful universe.

Inspired by motherhood, I created two books to help children overcome stages in early childhood. The first one is called O Cocô Amigo (something like The Poop Friend), a story for children to better understand their physiological processes. This book has already helped thousands of children to leave their diapers gently and naturally.


The second is called A Cidade das Chupetas (The City of Pacifiers), which tells a story where the pacifier talks to the child and says he needs to go back to his city. My work is focused on children's illustration and I've illustrated books by 4 other authors.


You can find some pages of these works on the website's home page.



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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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